The challenge


Managing data in the real estate industry

Companies are placing ever more exacting demands on the quality, availability, transparency, granularity and currentness of information. The conventional supply chains are obsolete – today’s dashboards have to be able to display aggregations and metrics flexibly, customized, dynamically and – ideally – in real time. While companies want to be able to drill down to the details of the data (“look-through approach”) and identify their source, they are unable to do at present.

Fast-close financial statements and connections to investor portals for the timely delivery of outputs require data flows to be checked, processed and released accurately and quickly. Conventional tools are not economically efficient for testing such highly complex volumes of data on a recurring basis and identifying errors on a timely basis.

I Love Data quality is more crucial and vital than ever

Against this backdrop, the next step in the digital evolution is to automate the transfer of data inputs and outputs. Automation has a huge leverage effect in cutting the time and workload in the companies that implement it, while improving the quality of the data basis.

Minimizing switching between different media and developing standardized interfaces were just the first steps toward achieving a transparent and harmonized data basis. We go one step further:

RE:QGate is our answer

Built using innovative technology and a strong, flexible and system-independent approach, RE:QGate has what it takes to become the gold standard for data management and data validation for the real estate sector.

The Solution

With the SMART DATA PORTAL we bring you the first comprehensive and system-independent platform for validating operating data on your real estate.

We validate your

Master and financial data

  • Quantity structures

  • Deviations from prior months

  • Statistical analyses and comparisons within the data supplied (to identify anomalies and outliers)

  • KPIs to swiftly identify and visualize problems and errors

Operational analyses and value drivers

  • Screening of service provider quality

  • Monitoring deadlines for

      • Rent adjustments and lease renewals
      • Vacancy times and receivables monitoring
  • Accounting

  • Maintenance

  • Development of metrics

How RE:QGate works

Our quality gate is located between your service providers/data suppliers and your core systems (ERP or DataWarehouse).

You deliver the data in your standard format, and we convert them to GIF-IDA. We have adapted this industry standard and use it as a basis for our algorithms and rules.


In this standardized format we can identify technical or content errors, detect anomalies and let you and our portal learn with your data and safeguard the quality of your data for the long term.

When your data have been validated and released, you can import the original files into your core systems and process them as usual. There is no need for any conversions or manual adjustments.

With us, you can monitor the quality of your service providers too

We create absolute transparency and tell you who delivered what, whether you received 100% of your deliveries, how often data had to be rejected, which deadlines were met, etc.

Machine Learning and automation

This is why we recommend AI-based solutions (machine learning). Web-based user interfaces can be used to deliver test results and recommend solutions for errors.

Other applications are automated checks of planning scenarios and measurements of performance against internal or external benchmarks.

Customized reports are often modified manually. A check of consistency and plausibility can also be automated.

We will be glad to answer any questions you may have!

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